Monday, 17 June 2013

The Adeptifaux Malicon Report: Part Two

The second game was another Resurrectionist fight (yaaay), but this time, instead of being overly familiar with various aspects of the opponent’s stuff, this game was very Ten-Thunders, working with a master I’d never come across before and utilising a whole load of Ten Thunders undead types.  I was unprepared for most of what they were doing throughout all the game.  I’m pretty sure I came across as a bit of a numbskull throughout the game, with a slack-jawed vacant-eyed expression on my face while my opponent tried to say what he was doing and the rules were just not sinking into my brain.  I think I ended asking to stop saying words and just do the things.  Eventually I got the hang of what was going on and managed to focus a bit more, levelling a lot of my guys into the offensive and just chipping away at his big guys until they fell down.  There is an advantage to having bad minimum damage sometimes.  I don’t care if you’ve got Armour, Spirit or Object, I’m dealing one damage anyway.  Let ‘er rip!  Here was one of the moments that really started changing my view of the Specialist.  The ability of his Flammenwerfer to ignore armour was immense!  Unfortunately, after one bona fide round of awesome (and literal) firepower, he was pegged as an immediate threat and put down as a priority, but I was really appreciating what that guy could do against the right target.  This was the game when I really started messing around with the speed tricks the Strongarm can play.  That bloke can really get about if you’re willing to put the cards into it!  This game ended in a major win for me, as I was far more focussed on the large plan of the game and managed to rip a hole in his forces (he only had two models left at the end) and accomplish all my objectives.  I was very happy with how that game panned out!

The final round was against a Guild player, with the gang being led by Lukus McCabe (another master of whom I have next to no knowledge).  The rest of his gang I was more aware of though.  A Guardian, an Executioner, Nino Ortega and Lukus’ dog.  The mission for this was to have a bunch of guys in a central area of the board, and the player with the most guys in the middle got a VP at the end of each turn up to 4.  As the Guild was packing a lot of close combat nastiness and my guys weren’t going to go anywhere near that shit.  I just clustered them round out of charge range and tried to put enough lead down field to weaken them.  There was a lot of armour to deal with, but the Specialist was more than up to the task.  It was this situation that really elevated him in my rankings and the armour-denial properties combined with blast damage is truly brutal at times.  The Flammenwerfer is best deployed against big guys, as they tend to have very low defence, making them easy to hit and, more importantly than that, easy to get moderate damage against.  Even moderate damage from the Flammenwerfer nets you a blast of 2, which bring a surprising amount of reach and a lot of damage output to the fore, especially as the specialist is one of the few Freikorps models that don’t have the minimum damage of 1.  They can really spread the damage.  The Strongarm was also of a great help, the speed of the guy using the Leap ability really helping to chase down and then beat down the young Ortega sniper.  Another really useful ability of the Strongarm is the ability to get your guys out of a fight by teleporting them next to him by way of a bodyguarding action, which saved Von Schill at least once during the tournament.  Anyway, I digress.  This battle was another draw for me, with my opponent winning all the Strategy points, but with me grabbing all my Scheme points while denying him his (thanks, Flammenwerfer!).

The end result of the tournament placed me in 12th out of 33, and I was very pleasantly surprised and satisfied with those results, especially as it was my first Malifaux event.  As a side note, I think I have new favourite model or two!

So long!

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