Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Cult Status: Part 2

Well, not quite later in the week, but I think we’re all used to my abysmal timekeeping on this score, aren’t we?  Anyway, I’ve already said that I’m flinging in some Guard with my Chaos cult.  On one level, this would be a perfect mix, as the Guard are the other army that can match Cultists in numbers and low quality indivduals.  Apart from ‘Nids.  Not going there, although if I were to proxy up, the Shadow in the Warp would be a very good substitute for Khorne’s hatred of Psykers.  It’s annoyed me immensely that Khornate armies and characters (with the exception of Kharn and Karnak) do not have any anti-psyker toys, and that would be a good justification for roping the nids in I guess.  However, it’s not legal, so say goodbye to that idea!  Would probably have been a lot of work anyway.

Monday, 17 February 2014

Cult Status: Part 1

Well, the escalation league has been going on for a couple of months now and, although I haven’t yet played my second month games with my 750 force, I have messed around with various units I want to add.  The final version of my list (due to be reached in November) is definitely beginning to take shape and should prove to be quite fun.  As I said in an earlier post, I’m building this list on a vague storyline and with a definite focus on theme rather than sheer efficiency or competitiveness, although I don’t think it’ll be bad in that department.  I’ve maintained for a while that you can make lists that are strong on theme whilst still being decent in and of their own right.  It’s what I do with my lists; hit on a story, theme or character and then figure out how to make it functional, possibly even good.

Friday, 7 February 2014

Into the Dead Zone!

 A couple of my friends and I have been looking into Deadzone recently, a skirmish game from Mantic set in their Warpath universe.  I know nothing about the universe itself and have never played Warpath, although I had a look through some of the rules waaaay back when it was coming out and it seemed interesting.  However I didn’t (and still don’t) have the time or inclination for a large(ish) scale miniatures wargame, what with the amount of time 40k takes out of the rest of my life.  However, the smaller scale skirmish games I have a lot of time for.  They’re easier to get into, still pertain to a nice degree of depth and the lower model count means they’re relatively cheap and you can get all your guys painted up fairly quickly.

We’d had a couple of games of Dreadball at the club, so we were already feeling fairly well disposed towards Mantic’s rulesets and theme, and we have the advantages of one or two members being itinerant Kickstarters, so we had all we needed to get cracking.  Now, there’s quite a lot of stuff to like about this game, so I’ll touch on a few things that struck me about it.