Monday, 10 June 2013

40k Battle Report: Khorking It! Phase Two

I went in aggressively during my turn, taking as much advantage of the positional weakness in the Orks as possible.  Both my flamer Raptor squads turned up, and although one misshaped and landed in a distant table-corner, the other landed dead on target near the closely group teleported boys.  My Terminators moved up to the same squad, and together they had an impromptu barbecue.  About 12 Orks died to the incoming fire (it would have been so much more if they weren’t ‘Ard Boyz) and then found themselves on the receiving end of a triple charge with the spawn, the spawn’s squad and the Lord with his terminators all having a go.  The berserkers went first, got hit by the Overwatch but failed to reach the target.  Luckily the other two did.  You can kind of guess how that combat went.  Orks are decent, but caught by a squad full of raging lightning clawed-terminators, their odds of success were low.  They ended with eleven guys still alive in the squad, just enough for Fearless to still apply.  The big moment of the match though was my terminator champion, who called out the Nob leader, summarily dispatched him and then promptly turned into a Daemon.  It was joyous, and also the first time I’ve had both transformations occur in the same match.

A tiny squad of Berzerker remnants went for distraction on the Deff Dread, knocked a point off it with bolt pistols and barrelled into close combat to hold it up.  There were too many units I didn’t want it to assault and the fearless ‘zerkers were my best call at stopping that from happening.  Fortunately, they did and the combat raged on with one guys just refusing to die.  The Land Raider, having somehow failed to remove the final hull point from the battlewagon (despite hitting the thing with both lascannons in the side) disgorged its cargo and the Apostle’s Possessed unit swarmed all over the vehicle, ripping it apart in short order.  Luckily for me, the wagon full-on exploded as a result and the lack of space meant that a few of the Nobs straight died as a result.  It really was the beginning of the end for the Orks.

Ork air co-ordination must be terrible.  Who’s manning the radio?  The Dakkajet stubbornly refused to turn up in turn three, and my opponents options were highly limited.  The Lootas, in a small squad were unable to deal much damage to the oncoming Berzerkers, the Boyz and Dredd were both caught in assaults and the Warboss and his squad did the only thing they could do: charge the Possessed.  Unfortunately for them, Possessed Marines hit like a truck, even without the charge and the lack of decent saves on any of the Orks put them at a bit of a disadvantage.  My Apostle reduced the Warboss down to one wound, but got crushed into the dirt by the return swing.  Luckily the Possessed still benefited from Hatred and were able to hit the Orks hard, taking several of them out and taking relatively little damage in return.

Stuck between a Spawn, my Terminator Lord, his squad of Khornate Termie back-up and a freshly minted Daemon Prince, the ‘Ard Boyz were demolished, losing most of their squad and pegging it, being run down by the Daemon Prince, who they could outrun, even theoretically.  It was at that point that the opponent threw in the towel, and I don't blame him for that at all.  Even if the Warboss and his unit had managed to win their combat in short order next turn, there would be precious little for them to do, the Lootas were going to get Berzerker charged and the Dredd was about to get a Daemon prince rammed up it. 

Personally, I would have played his list a bit differently.  The Warboss and his goons would have stayed near the Boyz mob and I would have swept forward, keeping the Dredd and Warbikers as flank guard, concentrating on killing one unit at a time rather than getting into a multitude of fights.  The bad roll for the Wyrdboy power pretty much killed the ‘Ard Boyz in the end and, whilst you can’t protect against a power like that going off, I would have deep struck somewhere safer, out of multiple charge ranges, certainly.  However, this all armchair generalship.  There’s no way of knowing whether that would have served me any better anyway.

Overall, I really like my little Khorne list, although I think it has some major shortcomings, particularly when it comes to Walkers and Flyers and have yet to play it against a heavily mechanised force, which would be an interesting challenge.  I would like to boost the raptor numbers a bit.  I think a third squad with a lord in it could pay some major dividends.  However, I don’t know what I would sacrifice to make those changes, and it still wouldn’t help with the flyer problem.  Havocs and Fortification just aren’t in the style of the list though, and I don’t think a Heldrake fits either.  I reckon I may just have to weather a flyer-heavy list and hope the Land Raider gets lucky.  So far though, my opinon of this list remains rather… sanguine.

I know, I’m sorry.

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