Tuesday, 30 April 2013

AutoBrit & Adepticon: Intro

In capsule, I thought Adepticon was brilliant.  Just so you know.  You need not lay awake wondering any more.  It was fantastic and (provided I can afford it) I definitely want to go again next year.   I wish it was held on a different weekend to Salute, but given the choice between the two, the Americans win, much as my natural jingoistic pride and xenophobia is loath to admit it…

This is no slight on Salute, obviously, but the scope of Adepticon is just so much bigger, encompassing new systems, trade shows, and more tournaments and events you can shake a squig at; whereas Salute is pretty focussed on the trade and club recruitment elements.  I arrived a touch early to the venue, and I’m glad I did.  Having that extra day or two to acclimatise to the place a get to know some of the other people there was immensely helpful and allowed me to prepare for the forthcoming hectic nature of the con itself.

And hectic it was.  A good few thousand people milling around the place, games aplenty and the highest beard:person ratio I’ve ever seen since the Great Lumberjacking Hobo Invasion of 1989.  There’s a lot to cover, obviously, so I’ll split the review/reliving up into a few sections: The 40K Friendly, The Malifaux Midnighter, Listener Games/Interesting People & Impulse Buys.

This post is just the capsule review of the event, which was overwhelmingly positive.  Thanks to Teras (of course) for arranging the whole thing, as I went as a fully paid-up Geek Nation Tours customer.  I definitely recommend the GNT packages for these things, provided you can afford them.  They are certainly worth the money!

But anyway, I have to go now and draw up a logo for my Chaos Blood Bowl team.  God, I’m such a nerd…

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