Thursday, 17 January 2013

FAQ You and Your Updates!

The next ‘Dark Eldar in 6th’ post is being worked on, but to tide you over until then, I thought I’d just give a very brief (legitimately brief this time) rundown of the DE FAQ changes since the last update barely a day ago.  The reason for this uncharacteristic is that there isn’t much new in it, much to my relief.  I would be most put out if half of my posts thus far were to be rendered invalid so soon after I bloody wrote them.

Anyway, the only real additions that I can spot (don’t be fooled by the Magenta, some of those ones actually haven’t changed a bit!) are as follows. 

Pain Tokens:  The effects of Paint Tokens only apply at the end of the phase in which you gained them instead of immediately.  Bit of a bummer, but only in a minor league of irritation.

Reaver Drive-Bys: The wounds caused by these are allocated among the target unit randomly, which makes sense.  Mind you, it would also make sense to allocate them as shooting, but this one avoids any confusion that could be cause by the change in starting/ending position by the Reavers.  Fair enough, no biggie.

Veil of Tears in a Transport:  Harlequins barely ever get into transports, but it’s now been ruled that if the do, the transport doesn't receive Stealth & Shrouded.  Perfectly understandable as the Veil of Tears ability only affects the Shadowseer and everyone in his/her squad, which the vehicle clearly isn’t.  Good common sense ruling.

Aethersails:  I didn’t address these in my Raider/Venom post, so may as well now.  They are used in the movement phase to add 2D6” to the vehicle’s movement and you can turboboost afterwards.  Handy.

Implosion Missiles:  These have no effect on characters with Eternal Warrior.  I can’t remember if this was on the last FAQ update, but eh, whatever, either way.

Klaivex IC Hunting:  This doesn’t apply to the rest of the squad.  A bit of a niche ruling, as there’s no real way to direct attacks at an IC without being in a challenge, where the rest of the squad can’t attack it anyway.  If the entire squad is just against one IC it would have been cool though, but c’est la vie.

And I think that’s that.  If you’ve spotted any proper changes that I’ve missed, let me know.  If not, then I see you (metaphorically) next post!

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