Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Dark Eldar in 6th: Ravager's Revenge

The Ravager is very much the workhorse of the Dark Eldar Heavy Support section.  A very tight, points-efficient bundle of lance-based death that was a go-to choice for most players wanting to take on tanks.  It is impossible to get so much lance is such a manoeuvrable package anywhere else in the Codex.  Trueborn get close, but need transport to gain the reach necessary and that bumps their cost up to the point where they’re only taken when the HS slots are full (most of the time).

With flyers on the up and up and vehicles in general becoming more scrappable, is there still a place for them in the new edition?  Well, yes, although it would be a lie to say that it hasn’t been weakened a bit.  The durability of the unit (what little there was) has taken a hit as have most vehicles, but the Jink save helps.  Now you don’t need Flickerfields to give a save.  Apart from the durability tweaks and such, the Ravager has been more or less kept the same in terms of effectiveness.  Pick a high-value target and kill it, then move on to the next one until you die.  Aethersails can give you a boost of movement to get side and rear arcs if necessary, which is a handy upgrade and Flickerfields can either be abandoned for 10 points to spend elsewhere or replaced by Night Shields which are definitely a vehicle upgrade that will become more popular now, I think.

The same tactics should be in effect for the Ravager, as mentioned above.  Keep moving for your jink, stay away from enemies as much as possible and concentrate on one target until it’s dead.  With more terminator-heavy lists coming out and a greater reliance on foot units, you may see more Disintegrators on these things.  The disintegrator setup also makes them halfway decent anti-air unit against the lighter aircraft.  Only halfway decent, mind you.

Anyway, that’s that for the Ravager.  Still a very solid choice overall and good value for points. A short one, I know, but to be honest, not much has changed to warrant a higher word count. Next time I’ll deal with the Monstrous Creatures, and then the Flyers.  And then this project will be complete!  Yeesh, this one spiralled out of control a little!

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