Thursday, 8 September 2011

Aim of the Blog

Right then.

I think I should talk a little about what I think I should talk about on the blog. (Recursion is fun!)

there will be a fair amount of nerditry present, of course, as that is a major part of my interest.  Massive 40K fan, so there's obviously going to be a fair amount of that stuff going on.  Not to mention other board games and tabletop stuff.  I should probably have a few recommendations in here for books, music, films, etc.  I mean; I'm no great arbiter of taste and quality or anything, but there are many media that I enjoy a lot, and it always feels good to share these things with complete strangers.

That line may need to be re-written at some point.

Occasionally, I may well rant about things.  There are more than a few 40K topics that majorly get my goat, so there's an endless seam of useless content present there to be mined.  Many things about news reporting and, in particular, the British print media irritate the hell out of me.  Not to mention some films and TV series that piss me off.  Which I, ahem,  will, in fact, be mentioning. 

Quality writing there.  Stardom is assured!

And finally, and potentially embarrassingly, I'll be getting some of my home-brewed fiction up on this thing, as the title of the blog comes from my inability to actually get a decent amount of writing done.  Actually, I'll rephrase that.  Getting a decent amount of writing finished.  That's my problem.  I tried to do a novel.  Two of them in fact.  One died after 40,000 words and the other is currently lying exhausted and dehydrated mere yards from the finish line at about 130,000.  I really should pass that novel some Lucozade and shove it forward a few more steps.  And with that tortured analogy (or, more likely, metaphor) at an end, I'll leave you, my absent and likely fictional audience, with the following sentence.

Ashes to Ashes was a terrible programme.

Make of that what you will.

1 comment:

underachiever said...

Ashes to Ashes wasnt a terrible series.

It had a point. To show just how to take an idea so far as to make it retarded.