Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Games Day 2012

I know this is going to get a few eye rolls from the more jaded amongst you, but I’m really looking forward to Games Day on Sunday.  This is only the second I’d have gone to, so I suppose it could be a case of the shine not quite being off the apple yet, but I’m genuinely interest to see what’ll be going on.

Because I hear interesting things.  Talk of the new Chaos Codex.  The Horus Heresy expansion.  The Fantasy Flight booth (hopefully).  Last year I went to mainly assist Inquisitor Steve and Dagmire with podcasting reportage and we got a lot of stuff out of it in terms of sound bites and interviews.  However, that stuff took nearly the whole day.  We worked in shifts, because we needed to guys to stake out the writer’s seminars for the end of the talks. One to ask the questions, one to hold the camera.  This did well for the podcast, but was a really tiring day in all and I having to squeeze all the looking around and stuff into the occasional half hour/forty-five minute window wasn’t really conducive to my general ‘confused dithering’ style.

So I thought I’d go back without any regimented podcast responsibilities and see the place at my own pace.  I may keep you updated on that score, although my punctuality track record for this blog is fractious to say the least.

I have heard rumblings that there will be a preview of the Chaos Codex and the event and I dearly hope that’s true, as the Dark Vengeance box introduced of a couple of units that don’t appear in the old ‘dex.  Yes, I am counting the Hellbrute as new.  It lacks a built-in ranged weapon on the close combat arm and doesn’t go crazy at the drop of a hat, so it may well be new.  It makes sense to have a new Chaos Codex very close to the main box release and Games Day is an excellent time for some hands-on.  I want to have a decent gander at the new book to see what I can do with my cultists, as they are the reason I’ve got into Chaos recently and something that has sorely been missing from the game for a long, long time.

Another hope I have with Chaos is that they redo Raptors to be more in line with Aaron Dembski-Bowden’s interpretation of them and it would really help to distinguish them from the Loyalists rather than just making regular assault marines look spikier.

The Horus Heresy Forge World book is interesting and it’d be nice to have a look at, but I don’t anticipate purchasing it.  I’ve always baulked at buying the exceptionally expensive Forge World books and I have no great desire to play 30K, although there are a few people down at the club who would be undoubtedly up for it.  I’m sure I’ll be able to borrow the book from them somewhere down the line if it does take my fancy.

One big thing I’m looking forward to (or hoping blindly for) is potential new releases from Fantasy Flight.  Last Games Day was the release of the Blood Bowl Team Manager card game (more or less) and it was definitely a great purchase.  I still play it regularly now.  Great game.  And it’s getting an expansion!  Dark Elves and two Undead teams are being added to the roster and I am hoping that the expansion is going to be on sale at the Day.  Keep me occupied for quite some time, I can tell you.

Also, on the outside chance (but no less anticipated), is the new standalone 40k board game FFG are releasing called ‘Relic’, based on the Talisman system.  I am deeply intrigued by this and having a fun little 40k themed board game that doesn’t make your brain melt (lookin’ at you, Siege of Terra!) would be a great thing and a handy evangelising tool for board gaming people who don’t know much about the Grimdark.

Anyway, Sunday can’t come round soon enough, and I’m looking forward to seeing what GW and affiliates are going to put on this year.

Fingers’ crossed!

Message ends.

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