Monday, 5 March 2012

Black Library Live Review : Preamble

Last weekend, I was at Warhammer World attending their Black Library Live event.  I had a very good time there, a lot of fun.  I’ll do a proper write up later in the week.

What with all the pre-releases and artwork there, I actually spent a lot less than I expected.  I was in control.  I’d only blown about £60 on stuff, so I was feeling like, you know, a responsible adult who has the self-control to stick to his budgeting.  Half an hour before I take my leave of the place and take a taxi to the train station, I decided to have a brief look round the Forgeworld store, see if they have anything new and interesting to look at.  Ten minutes later, I was told this:

“That’ll be £95 please, sir.”

Well… fuck.

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